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Fat Balls


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Fat balls, also known as suet balls, are a popular bird food, especially designed to provide high energy and nutrition to a variety of wild birds. They are typically made from a mixture of suet or beef fat, seeds, grains, and sometimes include additional ingredients like insects or fruits. This combination delivers a rich source of calories and nutrients, essential for birds, particularly in colder months when their natural food sources are scarce.

These balls are unique in their high fat content, which is crucial for birds to maintain energy levels and body heat. The seeds and grains within provide essential proteins and carbohydrates, while the added ingredients like dried fruits or insects offer vitamins and minerals.

Fat balls are often hung in mesh feeders or on bird tables, making them easily accessible to birds. They attract a variety of species, including tits, sparrows, finches, and woodpeckers. The convenience of fat balls, combined with their nutritional value, makes them a favoured choice among bird lovers for supporting local wildlife and enjoying birdwatching in their gardens. Additionally, these balls are typically environmentally friendly, often coming in net-free packaging to prevent harm to birds.




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