Cuttle Fish

Cuttle Fish


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Cuttlefish bones are a highly beneficial and popular food supplement for various pet animals, particularly birds. Derived from cuttlefish, a type of cephalopod, these bones are an excellent source of calcium and other minerals crucial for the health of pets. They are most commonly used for birds, such as parrots, budgies, and canaries, as they provide essential nutrients necessary for strong bone formation and the development of robust eggshells.

The hard, chalky texture of cuttlefish bones also serves an important function in beak health. Birds instinctively peck at these bones, which helps in trimming and maintaining their beak’s condition, preventing overgrowth and promoting natural behaviour. This action also offers mental stimulation and a form of entertainment for caged birds.

In addition to birds, cuttlefish bones can also be beneficial for other pets like reptiles and snails, providing a natural source of calcium for shell and bone development. Their easy availability, affordability, and high nutritional value make cuttlefish bones a widely used supplement in pet care. They are typically hung in bird cages or placed within easy reach of pets, ensuring that animals can access them whenever needed.

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