Sunflower Hearts

Sunflower Hearts


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Sunflower hearts, the dehulled kernels of sunflower seeds, are a highly nutritious and widely favored bird food. By removing the hard outer shell, these hearts are more accessible to a broader range of bird species, including smaller birds that might struggle with whole sunflower seeds. Rich in essential oils, proteins, and energy, sunflower hearts are particularly beneficial during the colder months, helping birds maintain their energy levels and body heat.

A significant advantage of sunflower hearts over whole sunflower seeds is the reduced mess. Without shells, there’s less debris around feeding areas, making them a cleaner option for bird feeders in gardens or patios. This also means less waste, as birds consume the entire heart without leaving husks behind.

Sunflower hearts attract a wide variety of birds, from finches and cardinals to tits and siskins. Their high-calorie content is vital for birds, especially during breeding season and winter. Moreover, being a naturally grown product, they are an environmentally friendly feeding option. For bird enthusiasts, sunflower hearts are a practical and effective way to support local bird populations and enjoy bird watching.

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