Mixed Grits

Mixed Grits


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Mixed grit for birds is an essential supplement that supports the digestive health and nutritional absorption in various bird species, particularly those that are seed-eating, like pigeons, canaries, and chickens. This grit is a blend of different types of hard substances, such as crushed oyster shells, charcoal, and various types of small stones or pebbles.

The primary function of mixed grit is to aid in the digestion process. Birds, lacking teeth, swallow their food whole, and the grit accumulates in their gizzard, helping to grind and break down hard seed husks. This mechanical digestion is vital for efficient nutrient absorption and overall digestive health.

Additionally, the oyster shell and other calcium-rich components in the grit contribute to strong bone structure and are particularly important for egg-laying birds, as they need extra calcium for eggshell formation. The charcoal present can act as a detoxifier, absorbing toxins and aiding in digestive comfort.

Mixed grit also provides trace minerals essential for a bird’s overall health and well-being. By mimicking the natural foraging behavior of birds, mixed grit not only fulfills a dietary need but also encourages natural activity patterns in captive birds.

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