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Soak Feeds


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Soak feed for birds is a nutritious and easily digestible form of bird food, designed to provide a varied and enriched diet, especially beneficial for breeding birds, young chicks, and those recovering from illness. It involves soaking seeds, grains, or legumes in water for a period, typically overnight, to initiate the sprouting process. This sprouting unlocks additional nutritional value and makes the seeds easier for birds to eat and digest.

The soaking process reduces natural inhibitors in seeds, making nutrients like proteins, vitamins, and enzymes more available and beneficial to the birds. It also softens the seeds, which is particularly advantageous for younger birds or those with beak or digestive issues.

Common ingredients in soak feed include millet, canary seed, quinoa, and legumes like lentils or chickpeas. The soaked seeds are typically richer in essential nutrients, including amino acids and vitamins, which are crucial for birds’ health, aiding in feather growth, energy levels, and overall well-being.

Soak feed is a simple yet effective way to enhance a bird’s diet, offering a fresh, natural food source that mimics the seeds and sprouts they might find in the wild, thus catering to their natural foraging instincts.

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